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Create New Booking

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1) Click on bookings
2) Click on add booking

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1) Fill in required fields marked with *
2) Click on create booking

Customer: select a customer to make booking for (required)
Reference: fill a reference (required)
Start date & time: booking start (required)
End date & time: booking end (required)
Status: Approved, Pending, Done, Cancelled
Allow Customer Edit: allow customer to amend general information
General Info: general info on booking
Show Customer: allow customer to view private information
Private Info: private information where you can decide to share with your customer. (encrypted in database)

Checking availability of dates

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1) Click on calendar to see bookings already made
2) Click on date with underline to view bookings for that date
3) List of bookings that have been aproved or done for that date will appear at the bottom of calendar.

Send Booking

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1) Click on send booking
2) Select email recipents to send booking to (required)
3) Click on send

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1) If you wish to add more email recipents to send to click on 'Add Additional Contact'
2) Fill in name and email, then click on 'add'

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