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Create New Invoice

invoice add 1

1) Click on invoices
2) Click on add invoice

invoice add 2

1) Fill in required fields marked with *
2) Select drop down list for predefined items
3) Type a non predefined item in text box
4) Click on create invoice

Customer: select a customer to make invoice for (required)
Create date: date of invoice (required)
Due date: number of days for payment (e.g. 30)
Template: template to use for invoices
Invoice no.: invoice number (required)
PO no.: purchase order number
Currrency: currrency to use on invoice (required)
Currrency symbol: currrency symbol to use on invoice (required)
Status: Paid, Pending, Failed, Invalid, Cancelled, Refunded, Unpaid
Invoice Note: extra information to include on the invoice
Item/Description: add item or service offered (required)

Add Payment to Invoice

invoice add 3

1) Click on add payment
2) Fill in payment information click on add

Send Invoice

invoice add 5

1) Click on send invoice
2) Select email recipents to send booking to (required)
3) Select email to send (required)
4) Click on send

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